Apple settles €11 million antitrust fine with Russia’s government


A Russian court has ruled that Apple abused its dominant market position through the App Store, resulting in another fine for the tech giant.


Apple has paid a fine of 1.18 billion rubles (about 12.56 million euros) to Russia after a Moscow-based court ruled that the US tech giant abused its dominant market position through the app store, Russia’s antitrust agency FAS said Monday.

This followed a November ruling that Apple had banned app developers from informing customers about alternative payment options outside of the App Store.

The payment will go directly into the Russian budget, bolstering the Kremlin’s funds at a time when President Vladimir Putin’s government is gathering resources to support unprecedented defense spending for the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, as reported by the Financial Times.

This isn’t the first time Apple has paid a fine to Russia. In February 2023, the FAS announced that Apple had paid a fine of €11.1 million, allegedly abusing its dominant position in the mobile app market.

Other Western technology companies, such as Google, have also paid fines following the FAS’s actions in recent years.

Furthermore, Western sanctions, triggered by the outbreak of war in Ukraine, have pushed numerous technology companies to leave Russia. Companies such as Intel, Samsung and IBM are among those that have suspended their business operations there.

In 2022, Apple stopped selling its physical products, soon after the conflict in Ukraine began, but its App Store and some subscription services are still active. By the end of the same year, Apple abandoned its office in central Moscow, while maintaining two legal entities that continue to operate in the country.

Apple has not yet commented publicly on the latest payment.

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