CES 2024 preview: What to expect at the world’s largest tech fair as AI looks set to dominate


Euronews Next is at CES 2024 in Las Vegas to report on the latest tech trends from the world’s largest consumer tech trade show. Here’s what to expect.


The tech community is coming to Las Vegas this week for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)where around 130,000 participants and 4,000 exhibitors are expected for this year’s event.

The world’s largest technology fair, which will span an area equivalent to 43 football pitches, will take place from 9 to 12 January.

The most important topic this year is artificial intelligence (AI)which is implemented in sectors such as healthcare, space technology and mobility.

One company, NuraLogix, takes your selfies and can then use artificial intelligence to measure your health data, from the age of your skin, to your overall health and chances of diseases like diabetes.

“The 30-second selfie is sent to our cloud, and from our cloud we are able to give you data like heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, risk of heart attack and stroke, and a bunch of other different measurements,” said Vince Traylor, Director NuraLogix Sales and Partnerships.

“AI is a big part of this, we’re actually using what we call affective AI. What we’re doing is taking physiological and psychological biomarkers and using them to basically understand your health conditions in reality.” time”.

Artificial intelligence helps humans reach Mars

Artificial intelligence is also used space technology.

The French start-up Coreod Space is using artificial intelligence launch the first space psychologist helmet that will be used by astronauts headed to Mars.

“Artificial intelligence is very important because, since we work with astronauts first of all, artificial intelligence will first of all collect data. Our main and huge step is that we are preparing an artificial intelligence as a psychologist for astronauts on Mars,” Dr. Elise Jabes, CEO and founder of Coreod Space, tells Euronews Next.

While CES is demonstrating how AI can be used to improve our world, there are still many unanswered questions about regulation to prevent the technology from threatening our privacy while continuing to spur innovation.

It arrives as Europe is writing its own project for the regulation of artificial intelligence.

“We have to balance privacy with innovation. We have to embrace change, we have to be willing to change course and the companies and countries that do that will be the winners,” Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association, told Euronews. .

What else to expect from CES 2024

But CES won’t just be about artificial intelligence. Flying taxis, foldable scooters and electric vehicles (EVs) are expected to showcase the mobility technology of tomorrow.

Also this year, televisions will make a comeback with foldable ones and others that offer technology similar to that of a smartphone.

For the first time, Netflix will be present at the fair to promote its new sci-fi drama “3 Body Problems”.

The beauty industry will also make its debut at CES as L’Oréal takes to the stage to showcase its latest innovations.

For more on this story, see our coverage of this year’s CES in the media player above.

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