Fishing villages in Naples ditch polystyrene in microplastic U-turn


According to the United Nations Environment Programme, 730 tonnes of plastic waste are thrown into the Mediterranean Sea every day. Euronews journalist Luca Palamara speaks to fishermen in Naples who are trying to reduce the plastic waste generated by the trade.


In the Italian “City of the Sun”, the use of white polystyrene boxes on fishing boats will soon disappear. Two municipalities in the Gulf of Naples, Pozzuoli and the island of Procida, have joined together in the fight against sea pollution. Thanks to European funds, thousands of reusable crates will be purchased to replace alternatives to polystyrene.

The synthetic and multipurpose material is a major contributor to microplastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea. Plastic, in general, represents 95% of the waste present in this body of water.

“I think these new speakers will be the future. I see it as a positive thing both for the environment and for those who do this work” said fisherman Aniello Micillo.

Furthermore, Giuseppe Bucciero, president of the fishermen’s cooperative ‘La Flegrea’, told Euronews: “The new plastic crates will be washed and microchipped. They will no longer be thrown away. This creates a little more work, but I think it’s better for the future and maybe we’ll protect the environment.”

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