Invisible poverty: homelessness is on the rise in Germany


Experts believe the government will not keep its promise to end homelessness in Berlin by 2030.


The rising cost of living, low housing supply and rising housing prices are hitting German families hard.

Organizations like L’Arche provide food supplies to poor families and support for children. When the charity was founded almost 30 years ago, there were 1.2 million children in financial poverty in Germany.

Now, despite the decrease in births in the country, child poverty has tripled to over 3 million.

“It’s currently difficult for me. Two months ago I was diagnosed with cancer and I couldn’t continue my work. I’m here almost every day at lunchtime,” says Antje Fürstenau, mother of four.

Watch the video above to see our full Euronews report.

If you would like to donate this Christmas, here are some organizations working in Germany:




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