Russian anti-war sociologist jailed for five years over Crimean bridge posts


Authorities opened a criminal case against Kagarlitsky over an online post about the 2022 Crimean bridge explosion.


A Russian appeals court has sentenced prominent pacifist sociologist and Marxist theorist Boris Kagarlitsky to five years in prison.

The court also decided to take Kagarlitsky into custody in the courtroom and keep him in a pre-trial detention center until he begins serving his sentence.

The Security Service opened a criminal case against Kagarlitsky over an online post about the 2022 Crimean bridge explosion, a major event in the initial stage of Russia’s war in Ukraine. Since then he has been in pre-trial detention.

He is accused of justifying terrorism and denies all charges.

Opposition parties unite against the Kremlin

While openly opposing the war in Ukraine remains dangerous in Russia, two liberal opposition parties said Saturday they are merging in light of the wave of recent anti-Kremlin protests.

The People’s Freedom Party, also known as Parnas, has joined Russia’s Republican Party and said it will push the Kremlin to free political prisoners and hold parliamentary and presidential elections by 2013.

Marginalized and fractured after Vladimir Putin’s 12 years in power, Russian liberals have found themselves alienated from the massive demonstrations that have drawn tens of thousands of Russians in recent months.

Police arrested 10 opposition activists demonstrating outside the Moscow headquarters of Russia’s main investigative agency on Saturday, Alexander Averin of the banned National Bolshevik Party said.

They were part of a group of around 100 activists protesting against the alleged death threat issued by a senior agency official against the investigative journalist of the independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta.

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