The Disney, Hulu and Max streaming bundle will be available soon

In a rare moment of solidarity, two entertainment giants are teaming up to try to convince consumers to stop canceling their streaming services so frequently.

Disney and Warner Bros. Discovery announced Wednesday that they will begin offering a bundle of their Disney+, Hulu and Max streaming services this summer, a sign of how the rivals have become more willing to join forces to tackle an ever-changing media landscape evolution. .

The companies said the package will be available for purchase on any of the websites of the three streaming platforms (Disney owns Disney+ and Hulu; Warner Bros. Discovery owns Max) and that there will be an ad-free version and an ad-supported version . . The companies did not announce pricing or a date when the offering would become available.

The monthly retail price for subscribing to ad-free versions of all three services is currently $48; plans with advertising cost $25 overall. A bundled offer is likely to cost less.

Media executives have been angered in recent years as the hugely profitable cable bundle has been destroyed by cord-cutting and as viewers have quickly turned to on-demand streaming entertainment. The transition to streaming has been difficult for companies, which have lost money.

Disney, for example, announced this week that Disney+ was profitable for the first time in the latest quarter, even as its overall streaming division lost money.

Adding to the uncertainty, consumers have shown an increased willingness to pick and choose streaming services over the past year or so, further confounding executives as they have cut costs and reduced the number of TV shows to get closer to making significant profits.

Disney has introduced a bundle for Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+. The company said it has seen good results from that offering.

Executives are flirting with the idea of ​​stringing together a streaming offering among media companies to give consumers less incentive to cancel. The Disney+, Hulu and Max offerings represent a significant step in this direction.

Joe Earley, president of Disney Entertainment's direct-to-consumer division, said in a statement that “the new partnership puts subscribers first.” JB Perrette, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery's global streaming unit, called it “a powerful new road map for the future of the industry.”

In February, Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery and Fox said they were forming a joint venture to create a streaming service dedicated to their sports offerings. The debut is expected in the autumn.

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